We are off to finding other advocacy groups in Texas and determining their focus, starting with…

Texas Prisons Community Advocates  (TPCA) educates and supports family members, incarcerated individuals and others by connecting them to organizational resources, encouraging awareness, and advocacy for the advancement of humane conditions within the Texas Prisons. Heat Issues, but also Solitary Confinement, Compassionate Release & MRIS, Medical, Food, Water.

Texas Inmate Families Association (Our mission is to break the cycle of crime by strengthening families through support, education, and advocacy. TIFA also provides parole workshops as well as online resources for our members.)

Texas Jail Project (The mission of Texas Jail Project is to empower incarcerated people in county jails by lifting their voices through stories, testimonies, and community building. We hold jails as well as the entire criminal punishment system accountable — informing the public and lawmakers about civil rights violations, structural racism, and the punitive attitudes underlying the mistreatment and medical neglect inside Texas county jails.)

Grassroots Leadership (Grassroots Leadership works for a more just society where prison profiteering, mass incarceration, deportation, and criminalization are things of the past.)

Texas Center for Justice and Equity (The Texas Center for Justice and Equity (TCJE) advances solutions and builds coalitions to end mass incarceration and foster safer Texas communities. In our vision, all Texans live in safe, thriving communities where every person has the opportunity to succeed.)

Texas Advocates for Justice (TAJ is on a mission to end the criminalization of our communities, and to demolish the legacy of racism in the justice system, to break down barriers to reentry from prison and jail in Texas. We believe no true, long-lasting change in the way our society deals with incarceration will be altered unless that change effort is led by those whose lives and communities have been directly impacted. We use our personal stories and direct experience with incarceration to build power and lead campaigns to transform the criminal justice system and build safe and healthy communities. TAJ unites justice involved individuals, their families, people of faith, and allies to build safe and resilient communities through organizing, leadership training, and linkages to community resources.)

Texas Voices for Reason and Justice, Texas Affiliate of NARSOL (Fighting to restore dignity and constitutional rights to millions)

Ignite Justice – Texas Chapter (located in Oklahoma but involved in Texas prisons) (Ignite Justice’s mission is to foster community awareness and engagement to overcome the issues facing the justice system, incarcerated people, families, and the community, through education, support, and advocacy.)

Lone Star Justice Alliance (LSJA is a nonprofit legal organization that improves the lives of youth and emerging adults in the justice system. We envision a justice system that uses developmentally-appropriate responses to behavior and treats youth and emerging adults with equity and dignity to promote resilience, conserve costs, and increase public safety.

MELJ Center, Minorities for Equality in Economy, Education, Liberty and Justice The mission of MELJ Center (formally MEEELJ, Inc.) is to provide a true opportunity for at-risk youth and formerly incarcerated persons, regardless of previous educational and/or criminal background; while helping them to redirect, restore and reconnect as responsible and employable members of society, and also building sustainable support systems by aiding the families affected by the criminal justice system.

Texas After Violence Project Texas After Violence is dedicated to the telling, preserving, and sharing of personal experiences of people harmed by the criminal legal system, while always honoring the agency, dignity, and narrative power of every directly impacted person. This work takes many forms, although the core of our archive is video-based oral history interviews.

The Prison Show KPFT 90.1 FM Houston Public Radio  Ex-con and gay activist Ray Hill founded “The Prison Show” on Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM in 1980; Ray produced and hosted it for three decades before his passing in 2018. David Collingsworth is our Producer; and Hank Lamb our host, the Chief Engineer is Mike Lewis, but the whole Prison Show Gang is David, Hank, Linda, Dani, Rev, Daniel, Tom, Mike, Capt. Tom, and Dave Atwood all use the first hour to discuss issues of interest to convicts and the second hour y’all call to shout-out to your family and friends behind the bars. 

Death Row Angels of Texas The Death Row Angels are on the The Prison Show every other Friday at 90.1 FM KPFT shouting out updates to those on Texas Death Row. The Angels visit and mail updated information  and are at the Huntsville Unit every execution to protest.